G1 Quick Guide

About G1

G1 is an android based device for different usage scenarios in B2B business model.

Truck tracking

Record GPS signal and report position , car speed, route tracking

Container tracking

Check large items storage location and movement status

BLE Gateway

Gathering BLE signals and transmit to cloud server






Appearance description

Power Key

G1 power ON / OFF

LED indicator

G1 status display , e.g. boot up , working ,  sleep mode..

External temperature connection port

An external temperature sensor can be installed to detect ambient temperatur

Micro USB Port

For G1 power charge and remote control setting

Back cover switch

Release and remove back cover to insert SIM card and battery.


Power ON / OFF

Insert the battery

Press power key to boot up

  (1) booting : green light in right

  (2) boot completed : green light in right will continuous flashing.


Press power key to power off

   (1) LED light will off

   (2) Red light will constant light when charge by USB port.


How to setup G1

  1. Insert DATA SIM card into G1.
  2. G1 will connect to internet via DATA SIM
  3. G1 will access to server for verification when it first boot up.
  4. G1 will get unique user data and install application from server
  5. G1 will start to work (positon / tracking) after reboot by itself.



Q1. What should I do when first boot up ?

Not need do anything , just insert workable DATA SIM then boot it up, G1 will completed all things by itself.


Q2. How to do factory reset ?

Factory reset button inside the G1, remove back cover then you can see a hole in above of the battery. When G1 boot up,  continue to press button 5 seconds then release, G1 will be set back to factory default.